Write-On Testimonials





"I received my copy of your book:  NEW & DIFFERENT FRIENDS.   I  enjoyed reading it. So,  I took it up to the nearby public library and read it to a group of young kids for their 'story time' activity.  It was a lot of fun.  They all loved your book so much that they wanted to keep it."


             ~ from Ms. N. Estep, retiree (80-yrs. old)

                                Dayton , OH





" Melvia Miller is remarkable. She has the vision--the dream of racial harmony and peace on Earth. To write about this topic with laughter and love is brilliant." --

~from Ms. Dottie Walters,

author of "SPEAK & GROW RICH"





"Melvia Miller brings to her work a solid background as an educator and a member of a minority group, which make her books of a true multi-cultural perspective. "

...~from Dr. P. Ralston, Dean --
Florida State Univ.




"I am indeed impressed with Melvia's books.
I look forward to reading more from her."


~from Dr. G. Murray, Professor--
Indiana Univ. --Louisville




"Melvia's books are very useful, excellent, and inspiring."


~from Dr. C. C. Jackson,
*(Director of Counseling Center ---
of Encinitas,CA)




"Melvia Miller writes an excellent brand of poetry." -


~by Max Robinson, (ABC-TV news anchorman)




"Melvia, as I looked through your books -- I had one main thought -- you are a phenomenal woman.  You have produced some excellent materials. The ones for our youth are much needed.  Our schools need ways to increase their effectiveness.  I am going to show your publications to educators and others. "

~  Ms. D. W. Campbell  (psychologist), Gary, IN




TO: Melvia Miller


I just finished reading your book:  “THE BIG GREASY”

….and I must say it – it opened my eyes to many issues.  I was impressed with how easy it was to understand some complicated issues  -- and I really treasure all the color pictures.  The other writers submitted some very good essays too.


You (as author) creatively tied together many problems that have happened throughout history – to show how we arrived at the point of a worldwide crisis today.  Your book is so interesting that I am going to read it again….and again.  Some parts are really gems.


And then today (Sept. 2, 2010) I tuned into the news --

--- and lo and behold –



It all reminds me of what Marvin Gaye sang -- "Mercy,mercy me.... how much more abuse can Earth stand?"


For students or anyone who wants to learn the true facts of how so much is connected with  BLACK HISTORY -- including HEALTH, CLIMATE CHANGE,  and related POLITICS.... starting from a long time ago -- this is a fantastic and enlightening book !


It seems as if you had a crystal ball or a secret to seeing into the future – as at the same time – monster hurricanes were threatening the East Coast of the U.S. 

Dr. J.  Voight,  (retired professor) Ann Arbor, MI





“ I first purchased a book for a child that I tutor.  Then I liked it so much that I got several of your books.  They are really good – easy to read.  The way you include some BLACK HISTORY in the books is very valuable because it is hard to find this information in most books. I took one of your books to a class that I am taking.   I also appreciate the one called GREEN GOLD … because I got laid off my job several months ago – and this book is filled with all kinds of help for people:  sources for free stuff,  prescription discounts,  job websites, money sources, ways to start a small business,  and a lot more.  I plan to show these books to a lot of people.”

           ~ Ms. J. Turner  (Prof. Chef; Las Vegas, NV)




To:  Author Melvia Miller  --    Jan. 14, 2010

When I woke up and saw the TV-news about the horrible earth quake in Haiti —  and the ARCTIC BLAST in the U.S.... I  thought about the monster typhoons in the Philippines...and HURRICANE KATRINA --  tears rolled down my cheeks as my thoughts immediately went toy our books.   WOW!!  You have been right on target with these issues.

I had to contact you to make these comments:

I read your book: “Broadcasts from the Most High over the holidays.  It is a great book for those who enjoy studying about our planet Earth, Nature, Laws of the Universe, History,Cultures, Prophecies, and Spiritual Issues. I also like the way you used color pictures.  This book clarifies how much we are connected to Nature and how humans do effect the planet.

In fact, I have read several of your books and I have been a fan of your writings for several years.  I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the insightful and enlightening information in your book.  

These events reminded me of the song from the movie:


......"God is trying to tell us something...."

            And it is great the way you make all of your books so simple and

            easy to comprehend…and most of all empowering for the readers.

I found myself wanting to read MORE, MORE, MORE !

~ Ms. J. Watkins 

(Evangelical Singer; Political Consultant)             



TO:  Melvia Miller


"We received your book:  STRESS FIRST AID.  My husband and I read it and really enjoyed it.  It is informative and fun. I put it on my coffee table so that other people can see it.   We will be happy to tell them how to get a copy. "


              ~ from Ms. D. K. Williams,  Indianapolis, IN





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